Multisensory design

The key to unrestrained functioning in the world of the future is the interaction of the senses. It allows to understand the power of a holistic experience of reality. A unique combination of knowledge and experience in the fields of psychology, social communication and neuroscience gives me a basis to create innovative solutions involving all senses. I use multisensory design in my own projects and in the strategic consulting carried out at the request of clients.

The multisensory approach is used in the design of products and services that respond to the needs of modern human being, on that expects a diverse, rich and interesting experience more than another physical product.

Tailor-made strategies, implemented in cooperation with experts from various industries and creative spaces, allow to direct the development plans of a company or an organization on completely new tracks and indicate non-standard development directions. I implement projects in this field in industries that want to provide their clients with interesting and diverse experience of everyday life.
My ideas and solutions in the field of multisensory design have found application in industries such as gastronomy, hospitality, cosmetics, museums, exhibitions, new technologies, education, advertising, public relations, fashion and design.