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The general interest in the fate of the Earth and care for the environment are becoming more and more common. In order for them to be more than just a seasonal fashion, we need planned and consistent pro-ecological communication activities at the highest level. Publicizing important environmental problems and disseminating the best global standards and solutions in the field of ecology requires the use of precise communication and PR tools.

In cooperation with Dr. Katarzyna Michniewska - Kyoto Protocol ambassador from the nomination of Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto - I had the opportunity to learn and disseminate in the Polish media good practices and solutions used in Japan - a country that dictates ecological trends and uses futuristic technologies in everyday practice.
The effect of cooperation was - among others - the series of articles in Gazeta Wyborcza and the project #Ekodziałania on


Photo: Kyoto City Hall