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Over the years I have supported many interesting and useful social projects. I approach them in the same way as I do business projects. I devote my time, share my knowledge and experience. I choose projects very carefully, analyze the goals and always must see the real commitment.
Sometimes it is enough to support the young people who aim high and have a clear social purpose. At other times, you have to delve into various aspects of social exclusion and act for the fundamental human rights.

pro bono - WOŚP - charity

Every motion-picture fan in Poland knows a famous crime thriller "Pigs" (original title "Psy"), its iconic protagonist Franz Maurer and his cult flight jacket. 27 years after its premiere, the jacket made a big comeback. In January 2020, during the promotion of the film sequel, actor Bogusław Linda solemnly handed over the jacket to Jurek Owsiak - the head of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP), which is now one of the largest, non-governmental and non-profit charities in Poland. 
We were hoping for a great result and we succeeded - the legendary Franz Maurer's jacket was auctioned for a record amount of PLN 100,600.

YouTube - Actors of the sequel and Franz's cult flight jacket.
onet - The WOŚP auction.

Photo: Łukasz Widziszowski / Fundacja WOŚP

pro bono - ZAZ Siedlce

ZAZ is a legal solution introduced by an Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. From my point of view the ZAZ Siedlce team is a group of extremely motivated people who want to develop all the time and to operate at the highest professional level, also in the field of communication. I am happy to help them with this. This is also an opportunity to bring together an exceptional people, such as Inessa Kim, thanks to whom the ZAZ Siedlce became a multicultural environment, focusing on development and exchange of experience.

ZAZ Siedlce
Inessa Kim

pro bono - charity calendars

I support charity calendars for the fundations:
  • A kogo? Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk
  • Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii im. Profesora Zbigniewa Religi
  • SOS Wioski Dziecięce