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I was a member of an advisory team to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, dedicated to the My Football Pitch - Orlik 2012 project devoted to the sport and leisure infrastructure development in Poland.
My idea was to use the word orlik (English - little eagle) as a brand for the whole project and it have had a significant impact on the brand awarenes and its communication success. I also had an opportunity to organize and built the popularity of Akademia Orlika, the countrywide CSR project of Bank Zachodni WBK, supporting local communities in children sport activities development and talent searching actions.

sport - Akademia Orlika

"Orlik Academy" - countrywide football project for children in cooperation with La Masia FC Barcelona's youth academy.

The program was implemented in 95 counties of 14 voivodships. Training was conducted on 101 Orlik pitches. Approximately 4,000 children aged 6-8 took part in each of the two editions of the 10-month training.
Coaches at the Orlik Academy conducted classes with children according to a standardized program prepared at the request of the Academy and took part in many professional trainings created and conducted by trainers from La Masia (the legendary FC Barcelona's youth academy) who cooperated with the Orlik Academy.

The spontaneous integration of schools that met at cyclical tournaments can be considered as the added value of the project.